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Miss Hybrid First Time XXX

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Miss Hybrid’s first time , hardcore porn continued

I pressed the tip of my finger on my hole and slowly it slipped in. Iw was the first time I had felt my arse before and I instantly knew why the girl in the photos looked so happy.

I pulled my finger out and quickly pulled down my panties, throwing them onto the floor.

I turned over and moved down the bed a title putting both pillows under my stomach supporting myself on knees and on one hand. My arse was stuck in the air allowing my other hand much easier access to my arse. I looked through more photos. The girl was in exactly the same position as me but she had a huge thick cock aiming straight at her hole. I forced 2 then 3 then 4 fingers in, imagining it was the thick cock.

“I’ll put a clean skirt on the dressing for you darling” said mummy as she walked straight in. I just froze.

Mummy just continued as if nothing was wrong. Putting the skirt on the dresser she walked over to the bed and sat next to me. She lent over and kissed me, full on the mouth. Her mouth was open and her long tongue darted out and into my mouth. Instinctively I opened my mouth to allow her easier access, it felt so good I just had to push my tongue back into hers. I still had most of my hand up my arse and it fealty even better now. She broke the kiss saying “good girl. Is it a good magazine honey, let me have a look”. Pulling the mag from me she said, in a matter of fact voice, “you carry on , don’t mind me, I love watching”

I didn’t know what to do, after all it was my first time. Then mummy started reading the story to me out loud……..”he pushed his thick helmet hard against her tight little arse hole, slowly his hard cock forced it’s way in to her unused hole.”

Hardcore Porn Magazine 3

“Hybrid, if you now straighten your fingers out so they are in a line it will stretch your hole further” she said with real tenderness, “do it slowly though.”

“Vince said he saw you pick up the mag and then play with yourself, he said before you arrived home that you were soaking, I couldn’t wait to see. I knew how turned on you were when, you couldn’t take your eyes away from my pussy. Vince noticed too his cock was rock hard.”

“let me move a little” with that she moved up s she was sat on the bed legs either side of my head, skirt hitched right up and her pussy inches from my face. Her panties were right up like a string between her lips.

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My First Porn Magazine XXX

Reading my first porn magazine

Part 1.

I thought I would tell you about my first porn magazine. I have always loved porn magazines, videos, written erotica all attract my attention. One day whilst walking home from school, down the lane, I spotted a pocket sized glossy magazine thrown into the hedge. I looked around and there was no one to see, so I clambered into the hedge to retrieve it . Once I had safely extracted myself and the magazine from the hedge, I had chance to look at it. On the cover of  porn magazine was a crystal clear photo of a girl smiling, a cock in each hand and one up her pussy and one up the poor girls arse. I had seen a lot of porn magazines but only ones showing a little glimpse of pussy and never cocks!

first porn magazine

first porn magazine

I had only seen non aroused cocks before but had heard from the other girls how they grew when touched. I didn’t know they grew this big though. I quickly flicked open the mag and the first page was an story with photos of a girl surrounded by young men. She was wearing a cheerleader outfit and the boys were all in track suits, all of which had what looked like tent poles down their legs. I flicked further on and soon she had hard cocks in her mouth and hands. I heard someone approaching so I put the porn magazine in my satchel and continued on home. I could not get the images of the hard cocks out of my mind.

first porn magazine, Miss Hybrid

My pussy was beginning to feel very hot and damp. My little white knickers were pulling into my crack with every step. As I walked I hitched my little skirt up at the from and hooked a finger into the gusset of my knickers to pull them out. I was shocked to feel they were soaked right through. I allowed my fingers to explore a little. Touching my lips I noticed how they were swollen and coated in slimy juice. This had never happened to me before but it felt very good. I pulled my fingers out from my knickers and looked at them. They were glistening with my juice. I instinctively brought them to my nose. I could not believe the fantastic smell, I had to taste. I slipped my fingers into my mouth and sucked them clean. I was in a daze, unsure what was happening but I had to have more.

More to come….

My First Hardcore Porn Magazine XXX

Hardcore Porn Magazine

My First Hardcore Porn Magazine, continued

I was snapped back to reality as someone shouted, “good afternoon Miss Hybrid” as he walked past with a huge grin on his face. It was Vince our gamekeeper. It must have been him that I heard earlier. If he had been behind me all the time, I wonder what he saw. Vince was now way in front, whistling to himself, I wish he had done that earlier, I hurried home.

hardcore porn, Miss Hybrid
I knew Mummy would be in so I diverted to the woodshed to hide my new harcore porn magazine along with my collection of tame porn.

Striding into the kitchen I saw mummy sat by the range cooker, with her feet up and Vince sat near to her, both drinking a hot drink. “Vince said he saw you shuffling along the lane home. Said you looked to be in a world of your own.” mummy remarked. They both laughed. Mummy was wearing her favourite high heeled boots, just over the knee, a very tight, white button up top, nipples clearly visible through the thin material, and a rather too short skirt. Her legs were just a little too far apart for the length of skirt and I could see the top of her stockings and a clear view of her white panties. I could have sworn that they had a damp patch where they were pulled in tight. “Get a cup of tea and join us” she instructed. As I walked to the kettle I could feel the juice had managed to get past my knickers and was now coating my thighs. Mummy’s panty display had not helped at all.

Hardcore Porn Magazine 3

Hardcore Porn Magazine 3

We chit chatted about nothing much and when we had finished our drinks, mummy said that Vince was just taking her down to the shops, did I want to come. I answered that I had homework to do, but that was not what was on my mind at all!