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I have spent a huge amount of time this summer filming new Miss Hybrid Videos. I have had loads of new girls come to visit and come. Featuring in my new Miss Hybrid Videos, to name but a few. Emma Butt, Masie Dee, Holly Kiss, Raven Lee and Brooke Scott

The all new Miss Hybrid Videos are shot in full HD and are featured on my site Click Here To Visit


I hope you will enjoy my new videos, here is another screen photograph from a recent shoot with Masie Dee.

Miss Hybrid Video 2015-Masie Dee

While planning new Miss Hybrid Videos, I often get emails from members with specific requests. I try to do fulfill these requests, if the appeal to me. Below is an example of such requests, this time for my smoking fetish site.

“When I was a teen I had a real fixation with my maths teacher, a 30 something lady who would wear a tight leather jacket across her large breasts – I would often see her smoking outside wearing black leather gloves and the whole image of her breasts straining against the leather, in the right conditions her nipples visible through the leather, while she smoked turned me on immensely. As a young lad I would lay in bed imagining her jacket bursting open to reveal her breasts. I would imagine her taking me in her mouth giving me a smokey BJ before she would jerk me off all over her breasts and leather jacket.”

I hope to see you on my site , in the near future.


Miss Hybrid

Erotic Stories From Miss Hybrid’s Members

Erotic Stories From Miss Hybrid's Members, mistress, dungeon, domination, femdom

Erotic Stories From Miss Hybrid’s Members

Snippets of erotic stories written for Miss Hybrid by her horny members

Erotic Stories From Miss Hybrid's Members, mistress, dungeon, domination, femdom


Mistress Hybrid removed her coat and draped it over the back of the chair, the fur coat framing her powerful body as she sat down. She carefully cradled the glass of champagne, moving her stunning legs … slowly teasing me with them … smiling as she posed … and draping them over the arms of the chair … Stretching her nylons and garter straps … spreading them, flaunting her pussy, now barely covered by her stretching panties … her heels were so long and sharp. “How do you like my red toenails, how they match my finger nails?  you are falling deeper, deeper under my spell … HaHaHa!” Mistress Hybrid topped up her glass, sipped the Champagne and ordered me ……….

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