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Miss Hybrid Outdoors Sex Part Five

Miss Hybrid outdoors stockings

Miss Hybrid Outdoors Sex Part Five

Miss Hybrid Stockings Stilettos and Sex Outdoors


Miss Hybrid seems unmoved by the attention. She just pauses for a moment and looks up.
“Good to see such a nice crowd today”, says Miss Hybrid “What do you think of my latest conquest?”
The girl with her hand in her panties answers Miss Hybrid straight away, I think this has been planned, “Very nice, Miss Hybrid. I wonder if I might have a turn on his face?”
“Of course, Mandy”, says Miss Hybrid as she moves forward off my mouth and starts to rub the length of my cock along her pussy crack, adding her cunt juice to her saliva.
Mandy quickly takes the place of Miss Hybrid and pulls her g-string to the side. She is completely shaven, with delicate inner lips just poking through her labia. She shivers as I insert my tongue into her moist hole.
Miss Hybrid, in the mean time guides my solid pole into her warm, tight arse and waves over a couple of the lads, grasping theirs cocks as soon as they are close enough, wanking and sucking on each in turn. One of the other ladies stands astride me, offering up her pussy to Mandy to lick on while I tickle her fancy, so to speak, with my tongue.

Miss Hybrid Fully Fashioned Nylons

MissHybrid nylons outdoors

My face is being liberally lubricated with Mandy’s hot pussy juice and I reach up under her blouse to cop a feel of her braless tits. They are small and firm, just a nice handful with small hard nipples which I squeeze between thumb and forefinger. Miss Hybrid gets to her feet, leaving my cock standing to attention. I lift Mandy from my face to see Miss Hybrid bending over, hands against a tree, as one of the fellatio’d fellows eases his cock into her bum by Miss Hybrid command. Feeling somewhat invigorated watching Miss Hybrid having her fun I bring Mandy down to the ground and on her back. I her skirt is still up around her waist and her panties pulled to the side. She raised her knees and lets them fall apart, opening her hot wet cunt wide open inviting me in. I rub my cock along her crack and then slowly push the head into her. I lean forward and pull up her blouse to reveal her little pink tipped mounds. As I push my dick deep inside her I take a nipple into my mouth and suckle on her.

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Miss Hybrid Boots Pantyhose In The Rain

Miss Hybrid boots, pantyhose, outdoors

Miss Hybrid Boots Pantyhose In The Rain Photo Update

I was just about ready to leave for the shops when the heavens opened and it began pouring it down with torrential rain, what better excuse to get out and put on my long boots!

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Miss Hybrid boots, pantyhose, outdoors

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High heels lingerie mistress Miss Hybrid

Miss Hybrid fully fashioned nylons outdoors

High heels lingerie mistress Miss Hybrid

It had been a very busy morning shopping, hindered by my PA Felix, but I had managed to fit in a visit to my favourite store to buy some sexy new lingerie. The sun was now beaming outside and I couldn’t wait to get out and take some photos in my new attire, I felt so horny in the bright afternoon sunshine that I got a little carried away and really started to enjoy myself, In no time at all my top was off and my knickers were around my ankles. Come in and have a look and let me know what you think, I do like to read your comments.

high heels lingerie, Miss hybrid, outdoors

High heels lingerie, Miss Hybrid, outdoors

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Horny picnic toys, outdoors with Miss Hybrid

Horny picnic toys, stockings panties, outdoors, Miss Hybrid, toys, stilettos

Horny picnic toys, I thought you might like to accompany me on a romantic picnic. I brought along some of my favourite toys in the picnic basket, so that you can entertain me. Imagine all the things we could get up to, with this lot!

Horny picnic toys, stockings panties, outdoors, Miss Hybrid, toys, stilettos

This update includes 170 high resolution photographs. Felix was pestering me to have a go at filming and the result is a very horny, close up, intimate film. It is 25 minutes long and split into two parts, a few seconds gap between. I had just finished the first film but just wanted to carry on, there was no stopping me, hence part two! Felix gets a treat at the end too!

Horny picnic toys, stockings panties, outdoors, Miss Hybrid, toys, stilettos

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