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An English Lady Addicted To Anal Pleasure Part 1 Fisting


Anal Pleasure Miss Hybrid Way

I had all the assets required when I attended finishing school for young Ladies, and excelled when I took my A levels, I got an A in Anal Pleasure.
Firstly I look very feminine in petticoats, lace and stockings and secondly. I know how to behave like a slut at candlelit dinner functions. I bend over backwards to welcome guests, ensuring they leave satisfied and full of Anal Pleasure.


I took the liberty of filming how I stretch myself. You will see from the gape that I am well practiced. I am most certainly very accommodating..

It is amazing with a bit of enthusiasm and perseverance just how accommodating your arse can be. I have had some huge insertions in me. I do love my own hand though. It is a great party piece, if the conversation becomes a little boring. My favourite trick is to put my hand in my arse and then get some stud to shove his cock in. I am so flexible


I can wank him off without him needing to do any thrusting. Once he comes, I guarantee he won’t even go soft before he wants to give me a proper fucking. This is also a great technique to use on the maids. Line two up ass in the air, then get a hand in each. Add a large cock to each hole and slowly wank them, they will not last long.

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