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I have spent a huge amount of time this summer filming new Miss Hybrid Videos. I have had loads of new girls come to visit and come. Featuring in my new Miss Hybrid Videos, to name but a few. Emma Butt, Masie Dee, Holly Kiss, Raven Lee and Brooke Scott

The all new Miss Hybrid Videos are shot in full HD and are featured on my site Click Here To Visit MissHybrid.com


I hope you will enjoy my new videos, here is another screen photograph from a recent shoot with Masie Dee.

Miss Hybrid Video 2015-Masie Dee

While planning new Miss Hybrid Videos, I often get emails from members with specific requests. I try to do fulfill these requests, if the appeal to me. Below is an example of such requests, this time for my smoking fetish site.

“When I was a teen I had a real fixation with my maths teacher, a 30 something lady who would wear a tight leather jacket across her large breasts – I would often see her smoking outside wearing black leather gloves and the whole image of her breasts straining against the leather, in the right conditions her nipples visible through the leather, while she smoked turned me on immensely. As a young lad I would lay in bed imagining her jacket bursting open to reveal her breasts. I would imagine her taking me in her mouth giving me a smokey BJ before she would jerk me off all over her breasts and leather jacket.”

I hope to see you on my site MissHybrid.com , in the near future.


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Miss Hybrid Fucked

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Miss Hybrid Fucked
It felt a little strange to let him take full control but I decided to let him have his way. Although I was on my stomach bent over this barrel I could feel his cock had grown to an enormous size. The next thing that happened made me raise my eyebrows but by then I was already so fucking horny I did not really think about it. He managed to quickly tie my hands to the side of the barrel and my feet to the floor. So there I was spread eagle and completely naked whilst the young stud with no name was fully dressed and standing behind me. I could hear him laugh as he undid his trousers.

He started to walk around the barrel as he mumbled some incomprehensible words in French all of which seemed rather pleasant. I think he said something like put it in or putain or so. When he reached the front he got a hold of my long black hair and pulled it up. this made my mouth gape and before I knew it I had his cock inside it. It was big indeed. . I started sucking his cock as if my life depended on it and I could feel his precum drip into my mouth and throat. He then pulled back and put is hand on my back and moved around the back making me eager with anticipation that he would enter me from behind. I felt his hand turn into a fist and I remember feeling glad I was all oiled up. I mean he did have small hands but still a fist in one go hurts even for an experienced arse fuckee such as myself.

To my surprise nothing of the sort happened. Instead I felt something cold and smooth enter my cunt and quickly after that the same shape entered my arse. He then touched my clit and with a scream I had my orgasm. I do not actually recall having an orgasm in the cellars but there is a first for everything I suppose. I don’t know how but I managed to hold on to the two whatever they were things in my arse and cunt when he walked around the front again. He had his cock in his hand and again he said something like suck; so I opened my mouth in anticipation. Instead he laughed, had three more wanks and then came all over my hair, eyes and face. He laughed again and emptied my cunt and arse.he then put two full bottles of wine in front of me both vintage years of Chateau Grand Cunte. He left me with a quick kiss on the lips which were still soaked in his cum. Miss Hybrid Fucked but not like that

An English Lady Addicted To Anal Pleasure Part 1 Fisting


Anal Pleasure Miss Hybrid Way

I had all the assets required when I attended finishing school for young Ladies, and excelled when I took my A levels, I got an A in Anal Pleasure.
Firstly I look very feminine in petticoats, lace and stockings and secondly. I know how to behave like a slut at candlelit dinner functions. I bend over backwards to welcome guests, ensuring they leave satisfied and full of Anal Pleasure.


I took the liberty of filming how I stretch myself. You will see from the gape that I am well practiced. I am most certainly very accommodating..

It is amazing with a bit of enthusiasm and perseverance just how accommodating your arse can be. I have had some huge insertions in me. I do love my own hand though. It is a great party piece, if the conversation becomes a little boring. My favourite trick is to put my hand in my arse and then get some stud to shove his cock in. I am so flexible


I can wank him off without him needing to do any thrusting. Once he comes, I guarantee he won’t even go soft before he wants to give me a proper fucking. This is also a great technique to use on the maids. Line two up ass in the air, then get a hand in each. Add a large cock to each hole and slowly wank them, they will not last long.

I am most certainly very accommodating..Click here to see more

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Miss Hybrid First Time XXX

Come and read the rest in my private diaries

Miss Hybrid’s first time , hardcore porn continued

I pressed the tip of my finger on my hole and slowly it slipped in. Iw was the first time I had felt my arse before and I instantly knew why the girl in the photos looked so happy.

I pulled my finger out and quickly pulled down my panties, throwing them onto the floor.

I turned over and moved down the bed a title putting both pillows under my stomach supporting myself on knees and on one hand. My arse was stuck in the air allowing my other hand much easier access to my arse. I looked through more photos. The girl was in exactly the same position as me but she had a huge thick cock aiming straight at her hole. I forced 2 then 3 then 4 fingers in, imagining it was the thick cock.

“I’ll put a clean skirt on the dressing for you darling” said mummy as she walked straight in. I just froze.

Mummy just continued as if nothing was wrong. Putting the skirt on the dresser she walked over to the bed and sat next to me. She lent over and kissed me, full on the mouth. Her mouth was open and her long tongue darted out and into my mouth. Instinctively I opened my mouth to allow her easier access, it felt so good I just had to push my tongue back into hers. I still had most of my hand up my arse and it fealty even better now. She broke the kiss saying “good girl. Is it a good magazine honey, let me have a look”. Pulling the mag from me she said, in a matter of fact voice, “you carry on , don’t mind me, I love watching”

I didn’t know what to do, after all it was my first time. Then mummy started reading the story to me out loud……..”he pushed his thick helmet hard against her tight little arse hole, slowly his hard cock forced it’s way in to her unused hole.”

Hardcore Porn Magazine 3

“Hybrid, if you now straighten your fingers out so they are in a line it will stretch your hole further” she said with real tenderness, “do it slowly though.”

“Vince said he saw you pick up the mag and then play with yourself, he said before you arrived home that you were soaking, I couldn’t wait to see. I knew how turned on you were when, you couldn’t take your eyes away from my pussy. Vince noticed too his cock was rock hard.”

“let me move a little” with that she moved up s she was sat on the bed legs either side of my head, skirt hitched right up and her pussy inches from my face. Her panties were right up like a string between her lips.

Sorry for all the typos…..

My First Porn XXXX

First Porn, Miss Hybrid

My first porn continued
I was sat opposite mummy and could not take my eyes of her knickers and the rapidly spreading damp patch. “Come on Vince let’s be going, we will leave missy to her work.” Mummy commanded. With that she swung her left leg off the range in a wide sweeping movement, almost doing he splits. The thin white, wet panties gave up the hopeless task of covering her outer lips and twanged into her crack, just as her right leg was lifted from the range and swung to join the left. She show was over but my mouth was wide open.
Mummy just ever so lightly licked her upper lip.
I stood to take my cup back and as I turned mummy said “Hybrid, you must have sat on something wet, there is a wet stain on the back of your skirt.” I could feel myself start to blush. “Slip it off and I will throw it in the wash” , she added. “Buttt….Vince is here mummy”, I stammered. “Oh Vince doesn’t mind honey” He certainly didn’t he was stood there enjoying every minute.

I was frozen to the spot as I felt mummy unfastening the shirt buttons and sliding it down my bare legs. ” It looks like it has soaked right through and onto your panties, you better put those in the wash too” Vince was staring intently at my wet knickers. He must have been able to see the stickiness on my thighs.

“Right Vince, to the shops” she said setting off for the door. I saw them get in the car and leave.

first porn, magazine, Miss Hybrid

I quickly ran out to the wood shed in my panties, and retrieved my prize.

I dashed up to my room dived onto the bed positioned a pillow under my head and one under my bottom. I eagerly opened the first page of the magazine and started reading. The story revolved about a cheerleader and some horny football players. The training pants were soon pulled down to reveal long hard, throbbing cocks. The photos showed detailed close ups of the developing storyline. The girl was sucking on one cock as one man was licking her wet pussy as he shoved a finger in her arse. My right hand was straying to my panties. I slid it down my stomach and under the waste band of my panties. I shook as my finger brushed my little button. It was a disaster area, I was soaking wet and my lips were puffed up swollen and very sensitive. I got soma or the juice and coated my finger. Following he photo action, I reached down further until I touched my bottom. It felt so pleasurable, I need not have coated my finger, the juices had already migrated there.